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Living in Paradise December 31, 2017

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Four years later and here’s a vent post because I too experienced some shipping woes as Gee Why did this holiday season.

Gee Why, you’re not the only one! It was pretty bad. I’m still waiting for a gift from Amazon for my kid. A bunch of others were late from Amazon so I had to do some rearranging and explaining.

For one package ordered on 11/24 and shipped on 11/29 from another online retailer, I contacted their “customer service” on 12/14 after seeing the tracking information was stuck in CA. They responded and told me they opened an investigation with FedEx. They also added in the email the tracking numbers for both FedEx and USPS because they went the FedEx SmartPost route because “FedEx provides an economical delivery service in partnership with US Postal Service.”

I pay for shipping and I get this. Mind you this same retailer shipped another box with 3-day USPS priority that I got with no problems.

Got a response a little later on 12/14 from the retailer that FedEx reported the package should arrive on 12/18 and to “feel free to contact [them] should [I] need more assistance.” No apology.

Okay so 12/18 comes and no box.

Contacted customer service again on 12/20.

No response.

I’m getting more pissed. Sent another email in the afternoon on 12/20 to express my disappointment to them since I ordered many weeks ago, paid a shipping cost, and was expecting this package to arrive already. Also inquired why I cannot see the current tracking status that FedEx relayed to them.

No response.

On 12/26 contacted them again to verify whether or not they have chosen to do anything further with this issue because weeks have passed and we have gotten no response; not even an offer for resolution.  I said I preferred to have my issue escalated to a manager.

Oh yeah and in the meantime I submitted tickets with FedEx to find out the status on this package and they were unresponsive as well.

Finally on 12/27 I get home and the box has arrived.

Customer service doesn’t respond until 12/28 apologizing for “delay in responding to [my] email as [they] too have been following up with the progress of [my] package.” Bullcrap.

But oh according to their records my package has been delivered on 12/27.

FedEx doesn’t respond till 12/29 with crap about the FedEx SmartPost service and how packages traveling outside of the continental states take longer, blah, blah…FedEx SmartPost is not a time-definite delivery service, only delivery estimates can be provided and such estimates are not commitments., blah, blah.

But oh according to their records my package has been delivered on 12/27.


Not usually an eBay buyer but found some items on eBay at the end of November to get from two different sellers.

After completing both my purchases, one of the sellers sends message that they’re currently out of the product in their warehouse but “on this occasion, [they] are willing to arrange the shipment for [me] from [their] multichannel carrier. Unfortunately, they will refuse to ship to the HI address now.”
  So they cancelled my order and issued me a refund.

Hmm…out of stock huh??? I really believe they weren’t out of stock but just didn’t want to ship the item here.

The second seller sends me email that in order to ship the item he needs to charge $20 for shipping. What?!  
I sent him response that an additional $20 to ship the item is crazy and I will not be paying it and asked for a refund.

This guy responds saying it’s on their website and that there’s no way to get things to here for less and that they tried mail, UPS, FedEx, everything. Okkaaay.

But what irritated me the most was that he had the effing nerve to say this:

I am sure you are use to this living in paradise.

Sorry !!

No dude. I’ll never get used to bad customer service.


One Response to “Living in Paradise”

  1. Gee Why Says:

    Yeah, worse than mine it sounds like. SmartPost is the absolute worst. Not sure why that handoff between FedEx and USPS screws everything up. Whenever I see a package go the SmartPost route, I automatically assume it’ll be late. Several Christmases ago, we ordered a 3DS from Best Buy during a Black Friday special. Never did make it by Christmas even though shipped in November. In fact, it never did show up (for months). I called and got a refund since no service could find the package. Think in March, the order finally was delivered.

    I am surprised that USPS Priority Mail at $13 gets delivered in its 3-day window to or from Hawaii. But in general, shipping to Hawaii is just tough.

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