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About September 20, 2007

Just some nonsense (beans) to share some things (’cause we all need some support at one time or another), to provide a history about some things (’cause your memory goes as you get older), and to rave and/or complain about things (’cause I can still get ‘Angry’ ), etc.  You can read it and laugh, spit, puke, whatever, but just remember – no one is forcing you to peruse the junk here.


2 Responses to “About”

    • Paul Simpson Says:

      Hi there,

      Ecommerce Fish will soon be launching dog poop bags into the Amazon market place to compliment our pet hygiene range of products. We are currently searching for suppliers and would appreciate your time in quoting for a dog poop bag to include the following characteristics.

      1/ Environmentally friendly using EPI technology although I’m aware your product is completely biodegradable, opaque, lightly scented and non scented puncture resistant poop bag.
      2/ Bag size and colour options available.
      3/ Printing options available (assume a step and repeat pattern) and a rough idea of print plate costs.
      4/ Already using or familiar with FBA shipping system.
      5/ Lead time for initial order and re-orders.
      6/ Weight per item shipped, including box cannot exceed 2LB or 18″x14″x8″ in size.
      7/ Minimum order price including delivery + further volume price breaks with associated discounts.
      8/ Price for poop bag dispenser/holder and options available if any.
      9/ Per unit sold would need to meet the weight restriction while maximising bag quantity (approx anticipated 400).

      One final request would be for some samples to be sent to the address below which is currently our vacation address till April 8th. I would be happy to cover any shipping costs this incurs but request they are deducted from my first order. Once again, thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

      2713 Formosa Boulevard,
      Formosa Gardens,
      Florida 34747

      Best Regards,

      Paul Simpson
      Head of Purchasing

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