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Astronomy Lesson July 23, 2011

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Courtesy of The Little Einstein(s)

#1: “What is that purple thing?”
Me: “I’m not sure. Is it the aurora borealis? It’s some kind of wonderful thing.”
#1: “I think it’s the Grand Nemula.”
Me: “Oh, the Grand Nebula?”
#1: “Yeah.”
Me: “How do you know about the Grand Nebula?”
#1: “Little Einsteins.”


New Expressing Tool June 15, 2010

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Ascent of iPhones September 24, 2007

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The 2-year wireless contract for my significant other (MSO) and me ended recently and we decided to change carrier. There are many differing opinions on which carrier is better and such, but we decided on AT&T, formerly Cingular Wireless.

You could come up with so many reasons as to why but one magnetic one that draws you toward them is the Apple iPhone. (Duh) But I have to say, initially, the plan was not to get it. Being that it’s the 1st generation with disadvantages here and there (price being one), we were looking at the Samsung BlackJack and the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl – a type that would allow us (primarily MSO) to keep track of important dates and set up reminders, and have some type of messaging capability, whether it’s e-mail or via the Web.

I was set on the Curve and MSO was still undecided. However, we had heard there are issues with the trackball on those BlackBerry phones (dust) and quirky issues with the BlackJack. So I then started looking at other phones they had but none of them interested me. That’s when I decided. iPhone it be.

MSO was still undecided up to the moment we were at the register in the AT&T store. He just wasn’t sure and felt it was “too fast” that we decided. Not so anymore. He still can’t believe he has it and is rather impressed with Apple and how they make products that are aesthetic and marketable.

The whole overall experience with activation and whatnot was not too bad. My iPhone activated and ported over rather quickly, within a half hour, but MSO’s one took about a day and a half to port over. Weird. At least it didn’t take as long as some others I read about. Apparently the porting is somewhat of an issue. AT&T even has a Porting Department with its own number.