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RRR: Junk Mail Envelopes January 16, 2012

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Instead of using a new envelope to make payments for school functions, book orders, etc., I’ll instead use a junk mail envelope that I’ve been keeping.

I’ll stamp it with my RRR stamp, and cross out all the addresses and whatever irrelevant text with a pen.

Then I’ll write what the content is, insert payment and seal. One less new envelope in the landfill!


Blavatar Success! January 12, 2012

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Woohoo!  It took a couple of days for mine to appear, but I got my blavatar up thanks to this article.  Now visitors will be able to see my cute little C<3 as the favicon in the browser’s address bar and tabs.  It will also show up in Google Reader.  Awww.

Update:  It appears this success is not.  Weird.  When I’m logged in to WordPress, all seems well.  But when I checked before logging in, no blavatar.  Or when I view post while logged in, the blavatar doesn’t show up.  Aw crap.  Oh well.  😕


Dream, Interrupted

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Almost every weekday morning, I am required to rouse K1 to proceed to eat breakfast, get ready and do what needs to be done to make our way out of the house.  This dark morning…

Me:  Wake up, wake up.  It’s a beauuutiful morning. (I’ve been trying to start the day off on a positive note for the kiddos.  Because you know I’m all positive and happy in the morning…Or any other time for that matter. 😐 )

K1:  I don’t want to.  I want to finish my dream.

A few minutes pass.

Me:  Come on, get up.  Breakfast is ready.

K1:  I’m not done with my dream yet!

Oh joy.  Can’t wait to see what else will be used as an excuse.


Twitter Thoughts January 10, 2012

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I never believed when Twitter emerged that I’d be one to sign up.   But I recently did.  And now about six months later, I am slightly addicted to Twitter.  And Instragram.  What’s wrong with that?! 

I’m still new at this Twitter thing.  What’s a ‘DM’?!  Ooohh.  I mainly use it to follow.  I don’t have hundreds and hundreds or thousands and thousands of followers, and I don’t think I ever will.  That’s fine with me.  What do I have or who am I to make your life better or make you laugh or whatever anyway? Nada.  Zip.  My tweets are just nonsense from the heart.

It has been enjoyable following the little over a hundred people (They quickly add up!) I have been following in this short time.  Much talented people.  Amazes me so with the talent out there.  Much useful information.  Much laughter.  Oh how I love the laughs that have been generated in my much bulging belly.  Keeps me sane.

What I don’t enjoy seeing is how cruel people can be. It’s so shocking to see how followers callously insult the people that they’re following!  Outrightly telling them that they suck, they don’t know what they’re saying and the like.  Why do you choose to follow them then?!  I’m new but there is an Unfollow button, right?  Ridiculous in my nobody opinion. 

I know it’s just Twitter but it appears there are thin boundaries.  People acting any way they want, thinking there are no repercussions, no feelings being hurt, that people aren’t human beings.  Seriously got the good and the not so good with this tool.  I just hope to see mostly the good and keep on laughing.  And I still won’t sign up for Facebook. 🙂


Butt Talk September 20, 2011

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Lately, been hearing a lot of butt talk.  Not sure why, but it’s sure funny.

One morning, overheard this conversation between MSO and K1.

MSO: “Hey, you’re not wearing your underwear.”

K1: “I don’t care.  My butt slaps are clean.”

And one night K1, while pointing to butt cheeks, expressed “These are your butt slaps, you know.” 


(Disclaimer:  We do not slap butts for discipline or any other reason!)


High Pressure Lessons September 9, 2011

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One morning I was talking with #1, who from now on will be referred to as K1 (Kid 1), about school. I asked K1 how the teacher taught them how to do a certain thing. K1 answered, “She shows us how to do it on the injector.” I was not sure if I had heard what K1 said correctly. So while holding my laugh in, I asked again. “She shows us how to do it on the injector,” K1 impatiently repeated.


Hana Hou July 28, 2011

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Some HI love all the way from The Box Score.  Cool.

Love the show!