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Butt Talk September 20, 2011

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Lately, been hearing a lot of butt talk.  Not sure why, but it’s sure funny.

One morning, overheard this conversation between MSO and K1.

MSO: “Hey, you’re not wearing your underwear.”

K1: “I don’t care.  My butt slaps are clean.”

And one night K1, while pointing to butt cheeks, expressed “These are your butt slaps, you know.” 


(Disclaimer:  We do not slap butts for discipline or any other reason!)


High Pressure Lessons September 9, 2011

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One morning I was talking with #1, who from now on will be referred to as K1 (Kid 1), about school. I asked K1 how the teacher taught them how to do a certain thing. K1 answered, “She shows us how to do it on the injector.” I was not sure if I had heard what K1 said correctly. So while holding my laugh in, I asked again. “She shows us how to do it on the injector,” K1 impatiently repeated.


Two Years, Seven Months August 23, 2011

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It’s been that long since I last bowled.  And it shows…




Recording here for laughs.  Hah…NOT!  #*$%@^&(#^!  How depressing. 😦

Ad for ball, shoes and bag will need to be forthcoming.


WordPress App Crashing!!! August 17, 2011

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I can’t post from my darn phone!  Grrr


Spending More Tricks

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Are you spending more because of these tricks?  I’ve been tricked by some…


Hana Hou July 28, 2011

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Some HI love all the way from The Box Score.  Cool.

Love the show!


Window Watching July 25, 2011

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